In 1992 I was pastoring a church in the Tampa Bay area. That year I decided to take a mission trip to Mexico. I went to Indian villages and saw those who were poor and had no clue that Christ was the only way to heaven. As I began to travel God began to open my eyes that half of the world had never heard the Gospel. Our Lord gave the command to spread the Gospel to every creature and I decided to take that command seriously.

Since many countries were closed to American missionaries the Lord put it on my heart that the only way to fulfill the command was to use the Nationals to reach their country. As I began to share this with Dr. Lee Roberson he encouraged me to go forward with this. In 1994 we held our first Round Robin Style Mission’s Conference where we allowed the Nationals to go to several churches, testify to what Christ had done in their life and ministry, and gather support. This is when Help Ministries was truly born. Now every year we facilitate mission’s conferences in around 200 churches. In the 23 years since that time over 1000 pastors and individuals have joined us in spreading the Gospel to nearly 60 countries and counting.

God gets all the glory. I am just glad he let me be in the middle of it. I have been blessed to visit nearly 60 countries and find the nationals doing a great work. It is always amazing to see how much they do with so little.

My whole life the Lord has made his Great Commission known to me, but in the last score I have watched it come to pass. It is more clear than ever, we remain on earth for this purpose... to shine the light of Jesus in a dark and dying world.

- Dr. Scotty Drake Founder and President