We are in the business of planting independent fundamental Baptist churches. Many of these churches do not have a formal structure in which to meet. Although it is not necessary that a building be in place it is a blessing when believers have a place to meet and worship. The Ezra fund was developed because of the need to have a permanent meeting house for the local congregation. Due to the nature of the economy in many locations a tremendous sum of money is not always necessary to secure a structure. This is why the Ezra fund is so important. It is a means by which National Pastors can borrow funds to acquire land to build or repair a structure to be used by these local congregations. The National is able to borrow a small sum of money interest free and pay it back a little at a time. This fund has a revolving $60,000.00. As one borrower pays their loan those funds are then loaned out to another church in need. We pray that this fund will continue to grow so we can begin to build more churches.