When you examine a grand machine and its sleek design, you often forget all the tiny but necessary nuts, bolts, and gears that keep it running properly. Without said intricacies the machine would not be able to complete the purpose for which it was created. In respect to the machine that is HELP Ministries the home office and its faithful supporters are those tiny but necessary intricately designed parts.

Our supporters are the very oil that keeps the gears running smoothly. Without their faithfulness we could not accomplish the awesome tasks of the ministry. With their support we have been able to make sure the National Pastor, since day one, receive one hundred percent of the support pledged to their respective work. In turn, because many of the National Pastor’s knowledge of the help afforded them thru the office, they generously make it a priority to support the HELP office. The cost to manage the day to day operations is financed by those individuals, National Pastors, and churches that prayerfully support the endeavors. Without them we would be in deadlock. On any given day the office staff will work to find solutions for numerous challenges involving correspondence with foreign Embassies, sending of funds, and facilitating communication between the national and supporting churches. In addition to these communicative responsibilities, three times each year, travel details for up to 24 nationals Pastors and scheduling of nearly 200 Mission Conferences every year, consume much of the office staff’s resources.

These aforementioned duties, while necessary, are not the largest portion of the work that is to be done. In any given month the average support of over $180,000, given by 800 individuals and churches, is received and then processed thru the office. The processing of support is by far the most involved aspect of the staff’s duties. Once support monies are received checks and amounts are diligently entered into the books. From the initial entry they are distributed to the designated missionary or fund. From there receipts are printed and sent to the sending entities. At the end of the month all the funds that have been recorded are disbursed thru Money grams, wire transfers, direct deposit, and the mailing of checks.

The machine that is HELP ministries is lubricated and the gears are working well thanks to generous supporters and tireless laborers. God is blessing the efforts and desires to reach the world with the gospel. As He supplies the power to move forward we will faithfully turn in our place for His honor and glory.